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UMove for Active Directory

UMove for Active Directory

UMove is the only software utility that can move, recover, or clone the Microsoft® Active Directory® database for backup, recovery, or testing.

  • Make perfect snapshots of Active Directory
  • Rescue Active Directory from a non-bootable computer
  • Make scheduled daily backups of AD
  • Move your domain controller to a faster computer
  • Copy Active Directory to a virtual machine (VM) for testing

UMove is the only utility that can make daily snapshots or clone the Active Directory (AD) database, even from a dead computer. It can back up and recover AD like no other utility.

New! U-Move Version 2 for Windows Server 2012.

Reliable and Quick Recovery

If your domain controller (DC) hardware fails you have only two recovery options: Rebuild the dead DC using a 20+ step manual procedure and complicated command-line tools, or restore the entire operating system onto identical computer hardware.

Microsoft does not support restoring the System State backup from one computer to a second computer of a different make, model, or hardware configuration (KB249694). With UMove you can move the AD database to new computer hardware quickly and easily.

A True Recovery Utility

UMove is a true recovery utility. It can rescue AD from any source or backup, even from a dead computer.

UMove should not be confused with more expensive “undo” utilities that create a parallel database to track and roll back changes. UMove simply clones the entire AD database by taking a perfect snapshot. It runs NTBACKUP to copy only the files used by AD, keeping the size small, creating a standard .BKF file for easy recovery on another computer.

Make Reliable Backups

UMove can make reliable automatic daily backups of Active Directory. The backups include all information required to restore AD. The backups include important extra information outside of AD that is essential to move AD to a different computer. Only UMove is designed to move all of the AD to any replacement computer regardless of its hardware configuration.

Clone AD for Testing

Microsoft recommends that you validate the compatibility of all security-related configuration changes in a test forest before you introduce them in a production environment (KB823659).

UMove allows you to clone AD so that you can test your changes to Active Directory. You can copy a snapshot of AD to an isolated virtual machine (VM) or to an offline computer, with no worry about USN rollback.

UMove screen shot

An Emergency?

If your computer is not bootable, UMove can recover AD from a .BKF file or from the disk of your dead computer. See these Emergency Instructions.

What It Does

UMove creates daily snapshots of the Active Directory database and related data files. It can then copy or move the Active Directory database and the related data files to the new computer. Or it can recover AD from a dead computer's hard disk or reload AD from a standard .BKF backup file.

On request, UMove will also copy or move many other application databases that are closely associated with Active Directory. These include the Microsoft Exchange mailbox store, the Microsoft SharePoint web-page database, the Terminal Services License TSCAL database, the Domain Name System (DNS) database, the DHCP database, the WINS database, and the Internet Information Services (IIS) security database (the “metabase”).

For technical details see What Does UMove Do?

Uses and Benefits

  • Create daily snaphots of AD for backup.
  • Test AD schema changes offline before deployment.
  • Run only one domain controller (instead of two) with disaster recovery capability.
  • Recover AD from an expired or damaged backup file or tape.
  • Clone or copy Active Directory to your test lab for testing.
  • Send a snapshot of AD to your support technician for off-line troubleshooting.

UMove has been used at hundreds of businesses and colleges, including many Fortune 500 companies.

See our list of satisfied users.

Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2012 R2 Yes
Windows Server 2012 Yes
Windows Server 2008 R2 Yes
Windows Server 2008 Yes
Windows Server 2003 Yes
Windows Server 2000 Yes
64-bit (x64) Yes
Server Core Yes
Enterprise Edition Yes
International Yes
Small Business Server Yes

For details see the Requirements and the Compatibility Matrix.

For More Information

See the white paper Active Directory Recovery Planning for Small and Large Organizations

See also the UMove help documentation and the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

UMove offers generous license terms for unlimited use with no per-user license fees. Get pricing.

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